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LASERJET INK (Teal/Orange)

PAPER BAG KRAFT PAPER (70lb Text) by French Paper




Rooniker is a highly-esteemed indy musician from Las Vegas, known primarily for wandering the various public parks of the city with his iPhone voice memo recorder. He popularized the marketing technique of "leaking", or leaving MiniDiscs and CDs in drainage ditches, which has been highly effective with the less solvent socioeconomic demographics.


"Roons does wonderful things with nature. He captures organic rhythms better than anyone."

––– Set Laguna

lead singer, Midday Overcast

Review written by Rik Pollen

Edited by Cymru Roberts

All artwork by Bartolo D'Angelo

Most rights reserved. 

©2030 Samson & Press



ROoNiker™ –– Trees

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