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16 ppg

RISOGRAPH INK (Gold/Fluo Pink)

PURE WHITE / INSULATION PINK PAPER (80lb Coverstock) by French Paper


∞∞ 🌸 ∞∞


James Frances (born James Francis) is a musician and father from Omaha, Nebraska.  His band has had numerous hit records, and is a pioneer of the Pop Nouveau Romantique movement.  Tickets for his latest tour are on sale now, if you can find them.


"There's never been someone quite like James.  J'aime James bookoo."

                                                                                                ––– Ray Jarvis

frontman, Septon & Galacius V

Review written by Rik Pollen

Edited by Cymru Roberts

All artwork by Eline Moorman

Most rights reserved. 

©2030 Samson & Press



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